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Importers, suppliers and distributors of plumbing and related products to the wholesale market throughout South Africa and Africa.


Asia Link is driven by passion and inspiration, is fuelled by a dynamic sales and administration team and is focused on service.

Our primary function and strength lies in our ability to source quality products, both locally and abroad, at reasonable prices making us your ideal business partner. We constantly have our fingers on the pulse thus we are consistently able to bring you, new and innovative ideas and products.

Another core capability of Asia Link is our ability to integrate the various logistics functions of a supply chain. As experienced import agents, we are able to advise our clients on the best mode of transport, schedule times, suitable packaging, rates, insurance premiums, marking of cargo and all other technical aspects of supply chain logistics.

By allowing all parties to communicate with one another and pursuing the same strategic goal of lower costs and increased service levels, we effectively create and maintain a competitive edge.  Our expertise offers linked solutions from the time a product is sourced right through to its arrival.

What We Do

With an office in Asia we have the capabilities of bringing the shows and trade fairs to you without you and or your staff leaving the office. We get to know your business and when you require new products and ranges developed, we are able to make a local trip to the next fair and browse for the latest trends. We collect catalogues, process them very quickly and get the material to you. The new material can be presented to you within a short space of time. It’s as though you were there yourself operating in real time.

Furthermore, we have time to negotiate with existing suppliers and investigate new factories and products thoroughly, spending quality time with the management and negotiating with them in their own language. We do not have the fly in and fly out approach as most company representatives do when attending trade shows or visiting the continent. We make the effort to get to know people and form firm long lasting relationships.

Asia Link has the necessary skills and capabilities to optimise an organization’s importing capabilities by sourcing direct from the factory and not through agents and their agents, thus offering you the best prices.

Together with our global network of partners we:

Deal directly with the factories.

Meet and develop products with you at a venue of your choice.

Source products for you worldwide.

Negotiate competitive prices with suppliers.

Assign dedicated quality controllers to carry out regular inspections on your products and packaging whilst in production, after production and prior to leaving port.

Ensure that you receive what you ordered in terms of quality, quantity and description.

Offer a comprehensive and reliable supply chain management system ensuring fast and reliable arrival of your products to your doorstep at excellent rates.

Reduced costs and huge savings, higher reliability levels, improved cash flow, client service levels and communication will all significantly improve.

Appropriate partners have been selected and strong relationships formed with service providers, so that a process of continual improvement is always implemented. This allows us to identify areas where unnecessary costs are incurred, or where delays hinder a company’s ability to respond to ever-changing market needs. In addition to our impressive global associations, our network yields the greatest value for our clients

Facilities Offered

Clearing and Shipping

Foreign and Local Warehousing – pre-order your goods and store them in the country of manufacture when the material prices are favourable.

Finance Facilities – you get the option of a “30 Day from statement” account with us, whilst we finance your order.

Quality Control - Regular on site factory inspections during manufacture including a Comprehensive Report.

Product Consolidation at Port – we are able to consolidate your orders or orders from other suppliers with yours to reduce shipping costs.

A Complete Logistical Infrastructure – throughout South Africa and SADC.

Office and Administration Facilities – a fully equipped and manned import / export office.

Product Branding & Packaging in your company name or Logos.

All of the above can be factored in or out of your pricing structure to suit you.


Sourcing and Product Development

A member of the Asia Link Product Development Team will meet with you in order to discuss products that you would like developed or sourced. Once sourced and a price agreed upon, we then assign an account management team to you specifically to deal with product, quality, pricing and logistical issues.   

Products will be delivered directly to your door, or alternatively, warehouse facilities can be provided. You can be confident that what you have ordered is what you will receive.

Asia Link forms partnerships with the emphasis on long term relationship building, thus allowing complete transparency at all times.


Website - www.asialink.co.za

Our customers will be able to update and track their shipments from placement of orders to delivery, via our website.

After applying for a User Name & Password, you will be able to:

Browse online catalogues

Place orders

Check availability of products

Check on open orders

Print previous invoices

Print statements

Check item histories


Fewer time consuming, unwanted and uncomfortable lengthy overseas trips.

We take on all the product risk.

Cut down tremendously on expensive flights and hotel bills.

More time can be spent at the office doing what you do best.

Due to our strong supplier network we are able to cement relationships with obvious advantages.

We speak their language and all important meetings with them are done face to face.

No emails back and forth trying to solve problems, no more time wasting sending samples up and down.   No more emergency visits to factories to solve problems.

You don’t need an import or export licence.

Your products and packaging are quality checked prior to leaving port. Consequently incorrect, inferior or the wrong goods will not be shipped.

The Guarantee / Warranty on the product lies with us. In the very unlikely event that the product doesn’t match your spec, you return the product to us before paying for it. We furthermore offer a full on site swop out facility by a qualified technician with a comprehensive insurance policy to cover consequential loss.


The effects on financial performance are dramatic and the benefits of optimised logistics functions and integrated solutions are massive.

The Actual Cost of Importing VS Using a Specialist Import Agent

Retained Earnings – “In most cases, companies retain their earnings in order to re-invest them into areas where the company can create growth opportunities, such as buying new machinery or spending the money on more research and development and thus creating further income”.

Dramatically improve your Cash flow by paying for your import on a 30 day facility and earn interest on your money instead of it being tied up for months in an import.

We offer full product warrantees, swop out guarantees and product liability insurance, thereby assuming all the risk on your behalf.  

Eliminate or reduce your costs on:

                            Admin staff in your import department, Overseas trips, Courier fees and Transport costs,           

                            Phone and Internet Costs, Local and Foreign Bank Charges and interest.

Save on:

            Your Time, by running your business from your desk, Convenience, Your bottom line.


When you compare your Gross Mark Ups & Gross Savings on importing versus your Actual Nett profit………




We bring Asia to you.



Asia Link has emerged as a pioneer in its field by offering all the benefits of importing to business’s that don’t have the time to travel in countries they don’t know and deal in languages they can’t speak. We offer a one stop shop for any and all products. Our sourcing solutions are guaranteed to maximize your margins.

We continually measure the performance of our systems and constantly seek new ways to improve upon the service enhancements and cost savings that have already been realized. We have confidence in our ability to add growth and value to your business.

From conception to delivery, our organizational structures, quality control and sourcing solutions offer you the best tools for a successful import or export.



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Email: sales@asialink.co.za